Atlantic Crossing (In post production)
Atlantic Crossing is based on the incredible, true story of the Norwegian Crown Princess Märtha’s efforts to support her country during World War II. After a headlong flight from the Nazis, she was forced to part from her husband and cross the Atlantic Ocean to seek refuge in the United States. There, she soon found herself involved in a close relationship with the President of the United States: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Crown Princess steps out of her protected and secluded way of life and evolves to become an invisible, yet notable person of power behind the scenes of Washington’s political life.

Atlantic Crossing is an inspiring story of awakening, transformation, liberation and personal growth.

A story of War and Love.
Produksjon Info
Genre: Historical Drama
Length: 8x52 minutes
Production year: 2018/2019
Language: Norwegian/English
Producers: Silje Hopland Eik
Series Creator: Alexander Eik
Writers: Alexander Eik and Linda May Kallestein
Crown Princess Märtha: Sofia Helin
Crown Prince Olav: Tobias Santelmann
President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Kyle MacLachlan
King Haakon: VII: Søren Pilmark
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