Jerry & Maja’s Detective Agency – Stella Nostra
Lasse Majas Detektivbyrå - Stella Nostra
Sleepy little Valley getting ready for the cafe owners Dino and Panini Sara Bernard's wedding, and our beloved junior detectives Lasse and Maja stand ready to ensure that nothing goes wrong. But when the wedding couple's respective relatives arrive, they show themselves to belong to rival Mafia families. When the Panini family's crown jewels suddenly disappear, taking LasseMajas detective on the case of very soon realize that detectives themselves are the main suspects.
Production Information
Genre: Children
Length: 1hr 11 mins.
Production year: 2014
Language: Swedish
Premiere date: 16-10-2015
Producer: Moa Westerson, Johanna Bergenstråhle
Co-Producer: Silje Hopland Eik, Tanya Badendyck
Director: Pontus Klänge, Walter Söderlund
Alexandra Rapaport
Amanda Pajus
Babben Larsson (Barbro Larsson)
Christine Meltzer
Jarmo Mäkinen
Jens Hultén
Lukas Holgersson
Nassim Al Fakir
Niklas Engdahl
Sara Sommerfeld
Tomas Norström
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