Leaps And Bounds
Azad ad Tigris are brothers from Kurdistan. Due to the political situation they are sent to live with an uncle in Germany, their parents plan to join them there soon afterwards. The boys travel through Sweden and are accompanied by another family, but due to unforeseen circumstances they are not able to leave Sweden for Germany and so they must stay with the Swedish family.

Azad is an excellent athlete with a talent for the High Jump and gets the opportunity to travel to Germany for a competition. However, he has no passport. He decides to borrow the passport of a Swedish friend, and changes his appearance to look like the picture: he puts in blue contact lenses and dyes his hair blonde. Tigris is smuggled into Germany in a suitcase. Will they make it to Germany? How will Azad fair in the comepetition? And will they ever see their mother and father again?

Hoppet is an uplifting tale of brotherhood and unity, and of surving against the odds. With hope, everything remains possible.
Production Information
Genre: Family Drama
Length: 1hr 28mins.
Language: Norwegian
Production year: 2007
Producers: Anders Bergh, Lotta Nilsson, Joachim Stridsberg
Co-producers: Tanya Badendyck, Silje Hopland Eik, Tobias Bringholm, Leander Carell, Tomas Eskilsson, Patrick Knippel, Peter Possne, Steffen Reuter
Director: Petter Næss
Azad: Ali Abdulsalam
Hussein: Mehmet Aras
Bosse: Per Fritzell
Father of Azad: Dler Resul
Markus: Richard Jarl
Naza: Telar Hirani
Tigris: Ronas Gemici
Helga: Line Welander
Toya Award + Ludi Award, Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival, Norge.
Golden Slipper for Best Feature Film for Youth + Children’s Jury Main Prize for Best Feature Film for Youth + Don Quixote Award, Zlнn International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Tsjekkia.
CGS Award + Campagnia Regional Council Award, Giffoni Film Festival, Italia.
Lucas Award + Don-Quijote-Award of the FICC, Lucas Film Festival, Tyskland.
Children’s and Youth Film Prize of the Nordic Film Institutes + Special mention (Children’s Jury), Nordic Film Days Lьbeck, Tyskland.
The Adult Jury Prize for Best Live-Action Feature Film or Video, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, USA.
Best Screenplay+ CIFEJ Special Mention, Carrousel International du Film de Rimouski, Canada.
Golden Castle Award (First Prize), Castellinaria International Film Festival, Sveits.
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