You don't choose your family. You choose your friends. Vegas is the story of Thomas, Marianne and Terje – three teenagers with nowhere to go. After witnessing his mother being beaten up, Thomas is sent to a young people’s refuge. No one will tell him where his brother is, and Thomas vows to find him. At the refuge, he meets Marianne, who is always messing up, and Terje, who seems like he is from another planet altogether. The three of them find they share a common dream, and together they embark on a journey of love, hate and trust. No one ends up where they planned, but everyone finds a home.
Production Information
Genre: Drama/ Youth
Length: 1hr 58mins
Production Year: 2009
Language: Norwegian
Producers: Maria Ekerhovd, Tanya Badendyck, Silje Hopland Eik
Director: Gunnar Vikene
Marianne: Karoline Stemre
Thomas: Jørgen Hausberg Nilsen
Terje: Sindre Kvalvåg Jacobsen
Lillian: Ellen Birgitte Winther
Roger: Kyrre Haugen Sydness
Thorstein: Anders Baasmo Christiansen
Reidar: Helge Jordal
Johannes: Eindride Eidsvold
2009 Roma Cinema Fest: Special Mention
2010 Haugesund Filmfestival, Amanda, Best Screenplay
2010 BUFF International Children and Young People’s Film Festival: The Swedish Church Award for best youth film
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