Jerry & Maja’s Detective Agency – Von Brom’s Secret
LasseMajas Detektivbyrå - Von Broms Hemlighet
Detective duo Jerry and Maya find a mysterious chest that has been hidden for 250 years and that seems impossible to open. 

They hope that interest in the chest will generate enough revenue to fund the long overdue renovation of the church, but instead it attracts the three remaining descendants of the man who hid the chest. The Von Broms family want their inheritance. 

Things are further complicated when the chest suddenly gets stolen, and someone starts stealing the Von Broms descendants’ gold family rings. Is it one of them trying to seize the entire inheritance for himself? And what actually happened to the fourth ring, the one that disappeared along with its bearer some thirty years ago? 

Jerry and Maya have to find the chest and the thief in order to save the church, and their success depends on Jerry challenging himself to overcome his terrible fear of heights.
Production Information
enre: Children
Length: 1hr 17 mins.
Production year: 2013
Language: Swedish
Premiere date: 18-10-2013
Producer: Moa Westerson, Johanna Bergenstråhle
Co-Producer: Silje Hopland Eik, Tanya Badendyck
Director: Pontus Klänge, Walter Söderlund
Maia: Amanda Pajus
Jerry: Lukas Holgersson
Werner Von Broms: Peter Magnusson
Julia Von Broms: Kajsa Ernst
Rikard Von Broms: Adam Pålsson
Chief of Police: Tomas Norström
Roland Svensson: Sten Elfström
Priest: Suzanne Ernrup
Dino Panini: Nassim Al Fakir
Sara Sommerfeld: Sara Bernard
Ronny Hazelwood: Magnus Roosmann
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