Kick It!
Kule Kidz Gråter Ikke
Anja is a lively and tough girl who loves football. Her classmate Jonas does not like girls playing football, especially when they’re as good as Anja. Jonas tries to make life miserable for Anja and her friends, but she thinks he is just being stupid, not realising that Jonas secretly loves her.

Then Anja becomes seriously ill. She continues to make plans for the football team, to coach for the school football tournament and to attend school camp. Anja soon realises Jonas is perhaps not as stupid as she first thought. Gradually Anja becomes too ill to participate in the football tournament, but Jonas has a very special surprise in store for her.

“Kick it” is based on the Dutch book and movie ‘Achtste – Groep Huila niet’. The book is written by author Jacques Vriens and is based on a true story. Long-Form Consultant, Thomas Robsahm at Norwegian Film Institute has stated that the script for “Kick it ” is one of the most gripping he has read during his four years in office.
Production Information
Genre: Children
Length: 1hr, 13mins.
Production Year: 2013
Language: Norwegian
Premiere date: 10-01-2014
Producers: Silje Hopland Eik and Tanya Badendyck
Co-Producer: Gila Bergqvist Ulfung
Director: Katarina Launing
Anja: Mia Brekke
Lisa: Sigrid Welde
Lars: Ulrik William Græsli
Jonas: Victor Papadopoulos Jacobsen
Magnus Elias Gusevik
Anja’s mother: Dagrunn Anholt
Anja’s father: Aslag Guttormsgaard
Ina: Kristin Zachariassen
Dr.Bart: Jeppe Beck Laursen
Jonas’ mother: Ingjerd Egeberg
Afida: Astrid Assefa
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