Little Grey Fergie – Country Fun
Gråtass - Gøy På Landet
When a curious boy named Gustav moves next door to a farm, he meets some amazing new neighbours: Goggen, Grynet and Gamlefar. But the most amazing of all becomes his new best friend: a little grey tractor named Fergie!

A new baby goat on the farm sends Gustav and Fergie on a mission to help the goat grow up big and strong and reveals some surprising news – there is an annual Farmer’s Market Festival and the reigning champ is none other than Gamlefar from Goggen’s Farm!

This year, Gamlefar has once chance to win and beat his arch-rival, Miss Hildegunn – a giant cucumber! But all goes wrong when the troublesome goat runs riot around the farm and eats Gamlefar’ cucumber. With the help of Grynet and Goggen, Gustav and Fergie must find a way of replacing Gamlefar’ impressive vegetable or else Gamlefar will be furious and will get rid of the goat forever! When that fails, just one chance remains: they must all enter the Festival’s animal talent contest against Miss Hildegunn’s famous unbeatable sheep.

Chaos and fun ensues at the Farmer’s Market Festival as the little goat escapes and Gustav and his best friend Fergie try to track her down and find a way to keep her at Goggen’s Farm!
Production Information
Norway Premiere: 05.02.2016
Genre: Barnefilm / Familiefilm
Language: Norwegian
Production Year: 2016
Length: 1 t. 18 min.
Producer: Silje Hopland Eik, Tanya Badendyck, Jaqueline Kerrin, Dominic Wright
Director: Peder Hamdahl Næss
Elias Søvold Simonsen
Stein Winge
Jeppe Beck Laursen
Dagny Backer Johnsen
Hege Schøyen
Kari Ann Grønsund
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