Mars And Venus
Mars Og Venus
Mars & Venus, a romantic comedy for those who dream of a different kind of life. Mars and Venus is a tribute to all couples making persistent attempts to split up.

Mars & Venus starts where other romantic comedies end: Ida and Mathias have found each other, the church bells have fallen silent, and the wedding gown has been auctioned off on e-bay. The young couple Mathias and Ida have two young children and demanding jobs. This is a film about keeping love alive in a hectic everyday life.

Ida is the ideal woman. She’s still as hot as she was when she was twenty. She is an ambitious architect and loving mum. She takes a great deal of responsibility both at home and at work. When she gets promoted, it turns out to be far from easy to find time for everything .

Mathias is the ideal man. He’s funny, handsome in a shabby way and a great dad. Unfortunately he’s also a bit sloppy, and never quite seems to finish the things he initiates, such as renovating the bathroom, for example. In addition, he buys a sailing boat without asking for permission… Ida and Mathias live in separate universes as they try to figure out what they really want in life. For what is happiness really? A career? A new bathroom? A sailing boat? Casual sex? A new boy/girlfriend? Or is happiness what you already have?

Mars & Venus is a story everyone can relate to – and might even make some take a moment to draw their breath and think: “What on earth are we doing?”
Production Information
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Length: 1hr 32 mins.
Production Year: 2007
Language: Norwegian
Producers: Tanya Badendyck, Silje Hopland Eik
Director: Eva F. Dahr
Ida: Pia Tjelta
Mathias: Thorbjørn Harr
Ove: Jon Øigarden
Kate: Helena af Sandeberg
Erik: Anders Baasmo Christiansen
Agnete: Henriette Steenstrup
Camilla: Silje Torp Færavaag
Siri: Marte Engebrigtsen
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