You only need a little faith to make the giant leap.

Trigger is a stirring, profound and dramatic film relating the adventures of eleven-year-old Alise when she encounters a wild horse fighting for its life.

Alise is the worlds biggest coward. But her real troubles begin when a wild horse crashes onto the neighbourhood's basketball court. Alise's best friend, as well as all the other children, expect Alise to catch and calm the horse. They believe that Alise knows all there is to know about horses; that she’s an expert rider, coaxing horses to jump enormous hurdles. But there’s a catch, and a big one: Alise has lied about everything! And she’s terrified of horses!

There was a time when Alise's grandfather was an adept horseman who really knew all there was to know about horses. But that was long ago, before he became an angry old grouch. Besides, what business is it of his when the owner decides to kill the horse? In this high-paced family drama we join Alise as she takes her most daring leap of faith – conquering her deepest fears for the sake of saving a doomed horse.
Production Information
Genre: Children
Length: 1hr 15mins.
Production Year: 2006
Language: Norwegian
Premiere date: 11-08-2006
Producers: Tanya Badendyck, Silje Hopland Eik
Co-producers: Jonas Allen, Peter Bose
Director: Gunnar Vikene
Alise: Ann-Kristin Sømme
Lasse: Sven Wollter
Tone: Anneke von der Lippe
Viktor: Reidar Sørensen
Mr. Hiort: Thor Michael Aamodt
Tommy: Robert Skjærstad
Paul: Elias Holmen Sørensen
Wenche: Eli-Anne Linnestad
Rebekka: Adele Karoline Dahl
2007 Montreal International Childrens Film Festival FIFEM: CIFEJ Award
2007 Stockholm International Film Festival Junior: Grand Prix
2007 Chicago International Children’s Film Festival: 2nd Prize – Adult Jury Prize – Live-Action Feature Film or Video
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