Varg Veum – Black Sheep
Varg Veum - Svarte Får
The sister of Veum’s girlfriend Karin is brutally murdered. Veum vows to Karin that he will track down the guilty party, but before he knows it, he has another, even more ghastly killing on his hands. Veum delves deeper into the case, and discovers a connection between fingerprints found at the crime-scene and an arson homicide committed a year previously. Veum now faces a major problem. The fingerprints prove to belong to the victim of the arson attack, and he must start the hunt for a dead man.
Production Information
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Format: Cinema
Length: 1hr 26 mins.
Production year: 2010
Language: Norwegian
Producers: Jonas Allen, Peter Bose, Silje Hopland Eik,Tanya Nanette Badendyck
Director: Stephan Apelgren
Varg Veum: Trond Espen Seim
Jakob Hamre: Bjørn Floberg
Karin Bjшrge: Lene Nystrøm
Alexander Latoor: Alexander Karim
Hans Hauge: Jakob Oftebo
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