Varg Veum – The Dead Have It Easy
Varg Veum - De Døde Har Det Godt
A young asylum seeker is killed, and Veum is a witness to the girl’s death. Was this an accident, or was she killed to send a message to other girls in the area?

Veum swiftly establishes a connection between the girl’s death and human trafficking, and together with his girlfriend Karin discovers that the dead girl was the victim of a gang that ruthlessly exploits young asylum seekers. Veum is now in a race against the clock to prove who is behind the racket, before more young girls lose their lives.
Production Information
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Length: 1hr 30 min.
Production year: 2010
Language: Norwegian
Producers: Jonas Allen, Peter Bose, Silje Hopland Eik, Tanya Nanette Badendyck
Director: Erik Richter Strand
Varg Veum: Trond Espen Seim
Jakob Hamre: Bjørn Floberg
Karin Bjørge: Lene Nystrøm
William Moberg: Jørgen Langhelle
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