Varg Veum – The Writing On The Wall
Varg Veum - Skriften På Veggen
Veum is no longer working as a private investigator. He has got a permanent job as a teacher, and has calmed down his life, enjoying the domestic bliss with his new girlfriend Karin. But the idyll does not last long. Veum gets a brutal meeting with the past, when his bitter enemy “The Knife” is released from prison, determined to take revenge on those who got him convicted for the murder of a teenage girl. Soon Veum is deeply entangled in a case where he must take a tough battle with his conscience; was he himself really innocent in the girl’s death? The only one with the answer is “The Knife”, but his mind is set on only one thing – revenge!
Production Information
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Length: 1hr 22 mins.
Production year: 2010
Language: Norwegian
Premiere: 27-08-2010
Producers: Jonas Allen, Peter Bose, Silje Hopland Eik, Tanya Nanette Badendyck
Director: Stefan Faldbakken
Varg Veum: Trond Espen Seim
Jakob Hamre: Bjørn Floberg
Karin Bjørge: Lene Nystrøm
Kniven: Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Eva Beate: Martine Johansen
Sidsel: Petronella Barker
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